Ewa Szabłowska is a professional freelance photographer based in Gdańsk, Poland.

She developed interest in visual arts when she was a teenager and was quickly recognized as a talented young photographer.

Her works distinguish her by her delicate and feminine touch mixed with a strong sense of characters of the people she’s portraying.

She has an incredible ability to understand a client’s needs and create images that fulfill every brief.





- Honouable mention for a black&white portrait in the competition LensCulture gallery - 09.2018

- Photo of the week in the Świat Obrazu magazine - 01.2018

- Publication of the "Girl in RED" session by Design Ideas - 01.2018

- Publication by the magazine FOTOGRAFIA / The best work of the month - 08.2017

- Publication of the "Magdalene" session by Design Ideas - 10.2016



contact :


tel.+48 508 566 024





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